HOFA SYSTEM Plug-in modules. (reviewed by John Verity)

20 modules which can be combined or used separately.

Reverb, delay, EQ, compression, distortion, pitch, expander, gate, gain, pan, metering, pink noise, modulation, and more....

HOFA System provides most of what we have come to consider our essential plug-ins for day-to-day studio work, all at a current introductory price of €59.90.


Sounds too good to be true, but this reviewer can report that every module conforms to the highest standard and after extended use in my own studio Hofa System has performed flawlessly with each use.

'AlgoVerb' is probably the first element of System to catch the eye of prospective users, and it does not disappoint. All the classic reverb structures are here - ambience, plate, hall, chamber, concert hall, cathedral and so on - all convincing and editable. 

There are plenty of presets to work with, giving students realistic starting points as they work, and the sound quality especially in case of larger spaces will surpass that of many of the reverb plug-ins provided with popular DAW programmes.

HOFA System provides effective compressors for both channel and bus compression.

The expander and gate modules worked well even at the most extreme settings.

The EQ-Parametric provides 11 filter bands from 13 to 200000 Hz each with adjustable Q.

The EQ is extremely musical, and should be easy to operate for learners at all levels.

In use HOFA System installed painlessly, and operated without issue throughout the review period.

All the modules shown above were used in a number of projects, and the remaining modules operated briefly to test without any negative issues.

Since undertaking this review, I find myself going to many of the the System modules as a matter of course on my own projects, especially AlgoVerb, which I find suits my requirements admirably.

In terms of use in the education sector, HOFA System is amazing value for a start, but do not be fooled by the price this is top class stuff! 


In conclusion:

Students at all levels will find System to be intuitive in use, and motivating in terms of sound. HOFA System could be the only suite of Plug-in modules you need. Inspiring - everything in one box.

Highly recommended.